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Recycled And Reused Rags

Rags, bags and mops. It’s a good thing you still have them because here’s an opportunity for you to ditch your vacuum cleaners and save on the power. Vacuum cleaners, for as long and as often as you use them, will always be sucking up a lot of your power and eating into your capital expenses. Not so wiping rags, dispensing bags and floor-swabbing mops. Now what to do about your wall to wall carpeting?

There’s a challenge for you. There’s one for the books. A little extra elbow grease sure does go a long way. You feel so good afterwards. Not only are you fitter and stronger, your cleaning’s actually a lot better too.

So much for plug-in vacuum cleaners. And isn’t it true that they’re always giving you hassles? They never seem to suck properly. Oh, actually they do suck one thing properly. Your electric bill. You remember that one, don’t you?

It really does suck, doesn’t it? Now, what about those carpets? Do you try cleaning it with a wire-like scrubbing brush? Or do you take it to the cleaners? The latter’s probably better, otherwise you’re going to rub the life and color out of those once-lush carpets.

wiping rags

There’s always some jobs best left to others who know how to handle them and do it for a living. And these days, there’s this great big push to use organic cleaning detergents. They’ve had one too many complaints, you see. Customers figured them out. One too many employees booking themselves off sick for the day.

Very unproductive indeed, but you see, they just couldn’t handle the fumes anymore. And interestingly, like the finest carpets in the world, the best carpet cleaning jobs are still finished by hand.

And it’s pretty good for the environment too.

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